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At Home: Jews and Muslims in Eastern Europe


In our two-day workshop we would like to address and map out the experiences of the adherents of two large non-Christian religions, of Jews and Muslims in Eastern and Southeast Europe from around 1800 to this date. We are interested in the historical legacies of empire, Ottoman, Russian, Austro-Hungarian or Soviet, in the trajectories of reform and orthodoxies, in processes of confessionalisation and secularization, in the politics of religion and minorities, the ways nation states accommodated religious and ethnic pluralism. How did Muslims and Jews imagine their place in empire, nation and society, as individuals, as citizens, as communities? Though not neglecting multiple experiences of discrimination and violence that members of these two large non-Christian religions were and are exposed to, we are especially keen on learning examples of integration and symbiotic relations between Muslims and Jews as well as between those two religious groups and other communities.

With keynote lectures by Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern, Crown Family Professor of Jewish Studies and Professor of History at the Northwestern University in Evanston and Chicago, and Armina Omerika, Professor of Intellectual History of Islam at the Goethe University in Frankfurt (Main).

A cooperation of Prisma Ukraïna – Research Network Eastern Europe and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Osteuropakunde (DGO).

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